Lancer pie pride

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William Font and Kiana Parkes, both in Grade 10, work on some of the 225 pies made by LCCVI food classes just before Thanksgiving.


You could call it Lancer Pie Pride.

Students from every grade in the family studies classes made 225 pumpkin pies from scratch just before Thanksgiving. They also created 125 apple crisps and 75 entries for the Brigden Fair in a frenzy of baking which happens every year.

Sharon Murray, one of three family studies teachers who over sees the project, says the pie making is a tradition which stretch back over 25 years.

The students started with 80 fresh pumpkins that they roasted a pureed to make the filling. Each crust was handmade and fluted and some of the pies had that special swirl to decorate the family table – all from natural ingredients.

“The idea is farm to fork,” says Murray “so the kids understand where their food comes from.” It also gives them an idea of just how many additives go into the food they pick off the grocery story shelves. The pies bought in stores contained only five ingredients the students could recognize, says Murray.

Murray, the other teachers and students from all grade levels stayed after school and late into the evening to complete the project so community residents, including many former Lancers, could have fresh pie for Thanksgiving. And they love doing it.

“This is our sport,” says Murray “This is a big part of Lancer pride.”

But there is also pride at the Brigden Fair. LCCVI Family Studies classes are the largest single exhibitor at the annual event bringing home 39 ribbons last year.

This year they have submitted 75 entries, including baking and fashion.

One Response to “Lancer pie pride”

  1. Janet Hardy

    Thank you once again to these hardworking students and teachers! The pies were (as always) excellent! My youngest daughter was so excited to take one back to Peterborough with her. She has great memories of her LCCVI pie making times.