Wind protest clogs 402

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About 200 cars, trucks, tractors and trailers inched their way along Highway 402 Saturday morning to protest the province’s plan to allow hundreds of industrial wind turbines across southern Ontario.

The OPP stopped traffic coming east from the Bluewater Bridge at the Forest Road and diverted it down London Line until they reached Strathroy.

The 1.5 kilometer longĀ  convoy, which moved at about 20 km/h, traveled down the deserted highway to Strathroy where the protesters held a brief rally in the rain, vowing to continue the protests until Premier Kathleen Wynne listens to their concerns.


One Response to “Wind protest clogs 402”

  1. Patti

    This Rocks! People making a difference with action! We Canadians need to get tougher and start fighting back!