Resident wants recycling bins outside the post office

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One woman’s fight to keep ad mail out of the garbage is growing.

Becca Amendola was “persistently complaining” for weeks about the papers being thrown out in the Petrolia post office’s garbage can only to be told Canada Post is not required to recycle. Officials at the district office also told her they would not put a recycling bin in the foyer by the mailboxes because it wants to encourage people to take the flyers of their customers home to read. Placing a recycling box there would allow them to simply drop them without looking at them.

After weeks of Amendola’s complaining, Canada Post removed the garbage. That lead to people leaving what they didn’t want on the sorting table.

The pile of garbage still appears each day, but volunteers and town residents take some of it away each day. Amendola finds the garbage can outside the post office is now often full.

She’d like to see the town add a recycling bin to the area to give people incentive to recycle the flyers. “My only concern is where it is going now…I want to try to get recycle bins for the main street,” she says

And she says, she’s found this is a problem across Canada and she hopes other environmentalists will take up the cause in their communities to encourage people to recycle, not throw out the mail they don’t want.

“I’m pretty damn positive this is a national issue.”



3 Responses to “Resident wants recycling bins outside the post office”

  1. James Wrightman (@jayt90)

    The Alvinston Post Office foyer includes a Bluewater recycling trolley, which goes out for pick up once a week, full of junk mail. This works really well for us, but you would need probably one trolley per day in Petrolia.

  2. John Smith

    This is a little confusing; I just want my mail. We pay taxes, stamps etc for the mail service. Why should we be forced, persuaded or encouraged to take junk mail home simply because the post office wants to make money; why don’t we get that choice? Further, I noticed a sign posted telling us to take all our mail home to protect our identity. While this is valid to a degree, it almost felt like a scare tactic after people ignored the first signs; in most cases it’s junk mail and is not addressed to anyone specifically. Can we request no junk mail in our boxes at all? Perhaps put a stand up that people can take the flyers from if they want it. If the office is going to continue to put flyers in my box I’d like to see a recycling bin as well.

    • Anne Paton

      Yes, you can. Put a sign on your mailbox, or on the inside lip of your community mail box which says “No unaddressed admail”. Their program requires them to stop delivering unaddressed mail once a sign is posted. Contact them online at if it doesn’t stop.