Midget B Girls 2-0 at Sarnia Silver Stick

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Emily Murray uses her foot to move the puck during the Midget B’s game against North Halton Friday afternoon. The Oilers take on Grey Highlands at 12:45pm Saturday at the Clearwater Arena.


The Petrolia Midget Oilers are 2-0 in the Girls’ International Silver Stick in Sarnia this weekend.

The Midgets, who have a record of 28-3-2 this season, started the tournament with a 4-0 win over St. Clair and then defeated North Halton  4-1.

The Oilers were up 2-0 heading into the third against North Halton and held the lead until there was four minutes left in the period when the puck took a weird bounce into Petrolia’s net.

The team stormed back, dominating the final minutes of play and scoring two goals in about two minutes to seal the game.

The Oilers take on Grey Highlands at 12:45 pm Saturday at the Clearwater Arena.

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