Petrolia to honour fallen soldiers Sunday


Petrolia will hold a ceremony to honour fallen soldiers Sunday.

The annual Decoration Day service will be held at Hillsdale Cemetery in Petrolia starting at 1:30 pm.

Petrolia Heritage Committee Member Liz Welsh says Decoration Day is a day that allows members of the public to honour fallen soldiers in both current and past wars and battles. “The public are encouraged to attend and take a moment to honour those who sacrificed their lives for our freedom,” she said in a news release.

“Decoration Day is the time to place a living flower on a soldier’s grave, embrace a veteran and thank them for helping to define this great nation we call Canada,” Welsh added.

If you go, you are asked to bring a chair for the service and you are invited back to Victoria Hall for refreshments afterwards.

If it rains, the service will be held at Victoria Hall.

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