Vote count flips in Brooke-Alvinston councilor race

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Jim Hayter, in the centre, shared a laugh with Mayor Don McGugan and Councillor Ken Alderman on election night 2014. Hayter died suddenly Thursday in a car accident.

Now that the municipal election numbers are official in Brooke-Alvinston, Ken Alderman actually claimed the most votes in the councilor position.

On election night, incumbent Jim Hayter and Alderman had a good laugh over the fact Hayter polled ahead of Alderman by just one vote, 814 to 813. That gave Hayter the signing authority at the municipality when the mayor is unable to.

But Clerk Janet Denkers rechecked the numbers before making the results official, she found a mistake and  Alderman had polled the most votes – by one ballot.

But it appears Hayter may retain the signing authority. Alderman, who likes to travel and is absent for some meetings in the winter, would like Hayter to carry on as second-in-command.

“Likely during the first meeting of the new council someone will make a motion that I continue to have signing authority if the mayor is not there,” Hayter says.

That inaugural meeting of council is scheduled for the first week of December.

One Response to “Vote count flips in Brooke-Alvinston councilor race”

  1. James W.

    Not much choice here.
    1. A councillor who was away for at least two monthly meetings, almost 8 weeks, in prime winter time this year. That’s the only reason he didn’t get my vote.
    or 2. A councillor who would take fluoride out of our fine municipal water if he gets the chance. I couldn’t support that 1950’s reasoning. Reverend Horsburgh all over again!

    Fortunately the Mayor is level headed and almost always duty bound and present.