Green lights in Petrolia

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You’re likely to see a few more Bluewater Power trucks in Petrolia over the next few weeks.

The power company has started to replace the old streetlights with new LED bulbs as part of an upgrading project which is expected to cut electricity costs.

Council agreed in August to spend $537,839 to replace 788 streetlights with the energy-efficient lights.

Bluewater Power officials say the municipality should see ongoing energy savings of between $50,000 and $80,000 per year. The town is also expected to have lower maintenance costs on the lights.

Officials estimate the project will pay for itself with energy and maintenance savings in about six years.

“This upgrade is going to be great for the Town of Petrolia and even better for the environment,” says Joe Adams director of operations for the town in a news release. “This is a great green initiative for the town and our residents.”

Adams asks residents and motorists to use extra care with the added work crews in town. It is estimated that the project will take around four weeks to complete.

The upgrade will be predominantly to lighting fixtures, and there is no scheduled interruption of any streetlights expected during the retrofit.