Port Lambton to get a new community hall at Brander Park

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A new community centre for Port Lambton is in the works.

Township officials are working with members of the Port Lambton hall board to develop the concept.

It is to be located south of the village in Brander Park on the riverside of St. Clair Parkway.

“A new community centre is a way to keep our children learning and help our community grow,” says St. Clair Township Mayor Steve Arnold.

The new facility will feature a 200-person hall for weddings and other gatherings as well as doctor’s offices.

It will also serve as the area’s local emergency disaster centre.

Arnold says Brander Park is the ideal location, adding there’s plenty of existing parking. The structure will be located in a large empty field area adjacent to the St. Clair River near a children’s park, public washrooms, a beach area and mature trees.

Port Lambton Community Hall in the village will remain open and will include the expansion of the tiny Lambton County library branch located there.

Arnold says the renovation allows the library’s Makerspace program — a new interactive program featuring state-of-the-art technology, such as 3-D printers — to be accommodated.

The original hall was built 70 years ago to honour veterans of both World Wars. “We understand the hall has a special place for the people of Port Lambton,” Arnold says

St. Clair Township councillor Darrell Randell says he’s glad the community centre project is going ahead.

“It’s something we need and something we can find the resources to do,” he says, adding it’s a boon for the community.

Randell says the original hall located within the village is a “great little hall” but is too small for bigger gatherings.

Currently, he says, people have to go all the way to Wilkesport or Wallaceburg for the use of a larger venue.

2 Responses to “Port Lambton to get a new community hall at Brander Park”

  1. George Roberts

    This would be a very positive move for the comunity for the future

  2. Jacque walker

    Tax payers are paying the bill so maybe tax payers should be asked where they want to spend there hard earned money, another hall for larger gatherings? Really? Maybe a concert hall on the water like marine city to bring $ to the community would be a better option. There certainly isn’t a need for another wedding venue when you consider there is already wilksport, Court right community centre, Corunna legion, bogeys banquet hall, Bradley’ s centre , armoires , just to name a few, you just have to google it. Tax payers should also ask do we really need to put commercial doctor offices on our river front. Where could we better spend the cash to help everyone in St Clair township and maybe the doctors offices should be more centrally located like Sombra or Courtright. What I really want to know is who’s idea was this , how much is it going to cost us and how is going to pay for itself? I think anyone who wants the answer just has to look at the Bradley centre in Chatham, someone should be held accountable for wasting our money, maybe a petition is in order.