Special meeting Feb. 13 to look at future of Watford’s hall

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Warwick Township officials hope to take another step toward a solution to the problems at Centennial Hall.
Early in 2017, a consultant said the building was beyond its useful life and should be replaced. But community groups voiced concern and council started looking at what could be done.
Council has recently been looking at three ideas, renovating the hall in its current location, adding a hall to the arena or building an new standalone hall.
Each would have a large area for banquets, small meeting rooms and community members have voiced a desire for an indoor walking track.
Recently, council received bids from architects about what each would cost. As expected, renovating was the least expensive option and building the new the most expensive.
Mayor Todd Case and council were concerned the numbers were only estimates and depended on what the design eventually would be. Council has scheduled a special meeting Feb. 13 at Centennial Hall to talk about the next steps and what a potential design could look like.
The meeting begins at 7 pm.

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  1. Don Hart

    I do not see anything posted of the problems that the present Centennial Hall
    has..Can you post the problems?