Plympton-Wyoming approves new parking rules

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Be forewarned.
Motorists who don’t heed the new parking restrictions on Wyoming’s main street risk getting a ticket.
Plympton-Wyoming council granted full approval Aug. 15 to a new traffic and parking bylaw prompted by drivers who insist on parking near the town’s busy crosswalk.
Council members say there has been a number of close calls near Broadway and Niagara streets because of visibility issues caused by vehicles parked right at the crosswalk.
This is the first time Plympton-Wyoming has had parking fines. The amounts are based on those Sarnia currently has in place.
They include $23 for parking across a driveway, $20 for parking across a sidewalk, $50 for parking too close to a fire hydrant and $300 for cars illegally parked in accessible zones.

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