Pavey says Brooke-Alvinston arena needs help

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Andy Pavey wants to improve the Brooke-Alvinston-Inwood Community Centre. So he’s running for council to improve things.
The 41 year-old has owned his own business since he was 16 and currently is a service manager.
Why did you decide to run for council?
I think it is just time for a change and younger people in there.
Why younger people?
Different opinions and for example I have three kids, they’re all in sports so I know what sports costs. I’m into the arena, that’s my biggest thing.
Are you concerned with the way the finances or the services are going at the arena?
I just think the service is kind of going down. It’s not being maintained enough. They’re trying to expand where I think it needs to be maintained. I think you need to maintain what you got. If you can’t maintain what you got, you should get anymore.
Pavey thinks the municipality should spend money on the front dressing rooms and the community centre needs a makeover. “You can’t draw people there to have a wedding if they have to spend $10,000 to make it look nice.”
So what do you think of the Optimist plans to expand the arena area?
I’m not saying I’m against it but I am saying we have to maintain the rest of the arena first….They’ve been trying to raise money for two years now and they haven’t raised $100,000 yet. My opinion is why not put that $100,000 to the concession stand and build what we can afford.
What other issues are you concerned about?
Pavey is concerned about property standards. “We need to check out the standards of our properties in town…but I don’t know what I could actually change if I got in.”