Petrolia Line won’t be complete until early November

  Rain is scuttling the plans to complete the reconstruction of Petrolia Line by the end of October. Contractor Henry Heyink was confident just last week that the work could be completed on time, says Mike Thompson, director of operations. Then, the rain started. “With five days of rain, they’ve lost time,” Thompson told council… Read more »

Discovery making progress says auditor

  The oil wells are pumping, the loans are slowly being paid off and there is money in the bank. That was the news from Collins Barrow Auditor Peter Falice during the Petrolia Discovery Foundations Annual General meeting. In the last few years the foundation which runs and preserves the historic site has struggled. In… Read more »

Record soy and wheat crops for Central Lambton

  Central Lambton farmers are seeing record making soybean yields. Kevin Marriott of the Lambton Grain Farmers says soybeans were very similar to the record-breaking wheat harvest this summer. “Normally, we would think low 50 (bushels per acre) is a great crop and the all time high was high 50s, around 58. This year it… Read more »

Industrial development may see sharp fee increase in Plympton-Wyoming

  Farmers with big plans for development could find themselves paying more. Every five years, municipalities must review the fees which are meant to help pay for the public services that new development will use. A consultant is recommending the municipality increase the development fee it charges farmers with large industrial operations, by almost 50… Read more »