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Former Catholic board chair seeks fourth term in Lambton-Kent

Carol Bryden is seeing a fourth term as the East Kent/South Lambton St. Clair District Catholic School trustee. The former board chair says safeguarding students health and well being, maintaining schools with careful management and more French immersion programs are important issues this election. The Issues: “Safeguarding student physical, emotional and psychological wellness. Continuing and… Read more »

Thirty-six year veteran looking to become deputy mayor of St. Clair

St. Clair Township’s longest serving elected official is hoping voters will trust his record and elect him to the Deputy Mayor’s chair Oct. 22. “I have no axe to grind,” says Steve Miller, of Port Lambton. “People have the right to have a choice and I’m offering that.” Miller hasn’t lost an election since 1982,… Read more »

Managing growth most important issue in Plympton-Wyoming: Dekker

Ben Dekker says managing growth in Plympton-Wyoming will be the most important issue in the next four years. The 51 year old cash crop farmer and livestock nutritionalist is running for deputy mayor in the community Dekker has served on council – on and off – since 2001. Why did you decide to run for… Read more »