Living with childhood cancer

As Jaylyn Eastman twirls like a ballerina in her grandmother’s living room, it is hard to believe this is what childhood cancer looks like. The spunky four-year old moves from toy to toy, playing for a moment before coming to the couch to cuddle up to Grandma Tammy Clark. Two seconds, Jaylyn, in her pink… Read more »

Grain crop strong despite poor summer weather

Marianne VanderSpek Photo The summer may have been filled with unusual weather, but it doesn’t seem to have harmed the local grain crop. Across Central Lambton, farmers are beginning to take off their soybean crops and Enniskillen farmer Kevin Marriott says most are “pleasantly surprised” by what they’re finding. “There is the odd field off… Read more »

Wyoming to Reece’s Corners trail taking shape

The Wyoming to Reece’s Corners Trail is not quite done yet, but their throwing a party to celebrate. A community group has been raising funds for a couple of years to build a trail for walking and cycling from the village to Reece’s Corners. Recently, Plympton-Wyoming Council gave the go-ahead to construct the $233,000 trail… Read more »

New book looks at the life of an average Hard Oiler

Gary May couldn’t pass up an opportunity to tell the history of Petrolia from a more personal perspective. The former London Free Press reporter has written extensively on the history of the oil industry including Hard Oiler and Groundbreaker. Now, he is examining life in Petrolia after the oil boom in the family history “A… Read more »