McCharles would support “Not A Willing Host” designation for Lambton

Petrolia Mayor John McCharles says Lambton County should unite to stop industrial wind turbines from popping up all over the landscape. And that should include declaring the county not a willing host and lobbying the provincial government to return planning rights. The county is currently considering whether to join a Charter of Rights and Freedoms… Read more »

Florence Henderson wows Petrolia

“That girl is a singer. She knows how to perform.” David Hogan, co-artistic director of Victoria Playhouse Petrolia, is in awe of Florence Henderson. The woman many people know as Carol Brady from the classic TV Show The Brady Bunch is in Petrolia to perform her one woman show “All the Lives of Me” for… Read more »

Living life on the midway

For decades, the Brigden Fall Fair has for many marked the beginning of fall, but for Barry Ford, it is an ending. The Nanticoke man is a crew leader of World’s Finest Midways which makes its circuit around the Ontario providing rides for all the community fairs. Brigden is the last stop on the tour… Read more »

Keeping people smiling for 50 years

Duncan MacRae just likes to keep people smiling. Of course, they likely wouldn’t know it’s MacRae; they would be smiling at his alter-ego, Windy the Clown. MacRae has been delighting the crowds at the Brigden Fair since 1963. It was that year that his new mother-in-law convinced him to don the clown suit to entertain… Read more »