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A Swing’n 50’s Christmas in Petrolia

Petrolia celebrated a Swinging Christmas during the annual Santa Claus Parade. Elvis made several appearances – including on the New Life Assembly’s float which featured Pastor Sam Welten as “The King.” The Petrolia Figure Skating Club created its own 50’s diner complete with pink milkshakes. Bluewater Health was spreading joy handing out bears to young… Read more »

Alvinston’s straight answer: bank will close

It was the answer Frank Nemcek and much of Alvinston didn’t want to hear. The Brooke-Alvinston councillor, at the end of a public meeting on the closure of the Bank of Montreal, stood up and asked if the bank would indeed close – despite the concerns of the community. The answer was yes. BMO started… Read more »

Teens in Petrolia warned of man approaching young women

Lambton OPP have been warning local schools about a man approaching young women. A letter from a Petrolia school – with the name of the school and the principal blocked out – circulated on Facebook beginning Nov. 28. It was addressed to the parents of Grade 7 and 8 students and says, in part, “I’m… Read more »