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Plympton-Wyoming businesses may open on holidays

Plympton-Wyoming Council is looking at opening the community for business during holidays. A public meeting will be held tonight to talk about allowing businesses to voluntarily open on Family Day, Victoria Day, Canada Day, Labour Day and Thanksgiving Day. Mayor Lonny Napper says a local winery asked for the exemption for its tourists. “Alton Farm… Read more »

New book looks at the life of an average Hard Oiler

Gary May couldn’t pass up an opportunity to tell the history of Petrolia from a more personal perspective. The former London Free Press reporter has written extensively on the history of the oil industry including Hard Oiler and Groundbreaker. Now, he is examining life in Petrolia after the oil boom in the family history “A… Read more »

Hilarious history comes alive

The Lambton Young Theatre Players made Petrolia Discovery come alive with stories from the past recently. The joint fundraiser featured plays throughout the Discovery, including the funeral of Sparky McCracken who turned out not to be dead at all, just drunk. Rain dampened attendance to the weekend event but Artistic Director Nancy Keys says the… Read more »

Welsh wants to see kids government in action

Petrolia Councilor Liz Welsh would like to bring town council to soon-to-be voters. The week of Oct. 20 is local government week and Welsh wants town staff to look into the possibility of changing a council regular evening meeting to the day to allow elementary school students to attend and find out what local government… Read more »