Strong crowds at Petrolia Enniskillen Fair

Organizers of the Petrolia Enniskillen Fall Fair are smiling today after strong attendance and record breaking entries for the 2013 edition. President Judy Krall says the weekend started off with a bang as hundreds of people came out for the opening night. “Friday night was the shocker,” she says “the beer tent sold out by… Read more »

No more deputy: Plympton-Wyoming cuts position in 2014

The job of deputy mayor is being eliminated in Plympton-Wyoming. The deputy mayor is elected by all taxpayers and is paid slightly more than councilors – about $1,400 more per year in salary and $20 more per meeting than other councilors. Councilor Netty McEwen says many people believe the deputy mayor should automatically take over… Read more »

Rain dampens attendance, but fair events go on

Petrolia Enniskillen Fall Fair Ambassador, Emily Syer, helps shield her court ambassador, Leena Bourne, from the rain Saturday afternoon at the fair. The rain held off for the parade, but drizzle kept some people way from the fair in the afternoon. Sunday is expected to be a little cooler but the sun will shine on… Read more »

D2 Entertainment takes over VPP marketing after manager fired

Victoria Playhouse Petrolia has contracted out marketing services after the marketing manager was dismissed. Wendy Cornelius was released from her duties in mid August. Manny Baron, Petrolia’s CAO, says the town does not address personnel matters publically.  But believes the VPP will have a “more aggressive” approach to marketing. For now, the company owned by… Read more »