“We had the best time” says Henderson

She had only been gone a couple of days, but Florence Henderson already was missing Petrolia. Henderson wowed audiences at Victoria Playhouse Petrolia for the past two weeks and says she loved every minute of it. Speaking to The Independent by phone from her hotel in Maryland, Henderson says she already missed Petrolia. Henderson was… Read more »

More promotion needed for woodlot rules: McCharles

  Dead trees piled near the Oil Heritage District Community Center are the only sign of a small stand of trees that stood there until August. It was one of those unusual areas in an urban area which could have been considered a woodlot under Lambton County’s Woodlot bylaw. But Lambton County’s Woodlot Officer, Tim… Read more »

Turbines and the shrinking population on the mind of students

It seems there are few places politicians can go without being asked about industrial wind turbines. Take Dawn-Euphemia Councilors for example, who held their municipal council meeting at Dawn-Euphemia Public School Monday for Local Government Week. Students from three classes observed a council meeting for about an hour before they had an opportunity to ask… Read more »

Students dream big after hearing Hadfield

David Loerts thinks someday he’s like to run the Canadarm at the International Space Station. The 12 year-old student from Wyoming Public School is dreaming big after listening to Sarnia-born astronaut Chris Hadfield. The former commander of the ISS kept an audience of hundreds of school children from across the region engaged as he gave… Read more »