Petrolia council may ease pool fencing rules

Most Petrolia councillors think the town’s pool fencing bylaw is too restrictive, but they can’t agree yet on how to change it. Since 2009, the town has required all pools to have four sided fences – even if one of the sides mirrored the wall of a house. The council of the day wanted to… Read more »

Access to historic cemetery in Dawn-Euphemia cut off

  Some Dawn-Euphemia residents are concerned they can’t get to an historic cemetery south of Alvinston. The Cameron Cemetery on Cameron Road in the former Euphemia Township used to be part of the Knox Presbyterian Church. The church closed in 1999 and the building was moved to the Lambton Heritage Museum. After that happened, Councillor… Read more »

OPINION: This is the stuff hockey legends are made of

Every Friday night, the hockey faithful gather at the Greenwood to watch their beloved Squires. It’s an interesting collection of teens and seniors, children and middle-agers who all share a passion for the sport. The game is fast and physical and usually pretty exciting because this year, the home team is strong and very often… Read more »