Plympton-Wyoming farmer plants sunflowers to honour Max

The six rolling acres of sunflowers in front of Brian Schoonjans’ Douglas Line home remind him of Max Rombouts. Max was two and the son of one of his seed customers, Kevin and Jamie Rombouts. Just days after he was born, doctors found out the little boy had leukemia. There was treatment for more than… Read more »

A Swing’n 50’s Christmas in Petrolia

Petrolia celebrated a Swinging Christmas during the annual Santa Claus Parade. Elvis made several appearances – including on the New Life Assembly’s float which featured Pastor Sam Welten as “The King.” The Petrolia Figure Skating Club created its own 50’s diner complete with pink milkshakes. Bluewater Health was spreading joy handing out bears to young… Read more »

Organizers of the Alvinston Pro Rodeo say it will return next year

Organizers of the Alvinston Pro Rodeo say it will return next year. Thosands came to the event Friday and Saturday to see some of the best rodeo riders in the world. “We were very pleased with the attendance and everyone that attended including the contestants said it greatly exceeded their expectations and they plan to… Read more »

Enniskillen operation to make impact on cannabis market

Officials at High Park Farms in Enniskillen say it will likely be September or October before the federal government is ready to begin selling marijuana for recreation. But Zak Hutson says the cannabis operation which is geared to the medicinal market, will have lots to do until then. The company officially opened the 13-acre greenhouse… Read more »