McCharles doesn’t “personally have a problem” with skateboarders at Market

Petrolia Mayor John McCharles says as long as they’re not causing damage, skateboarders should be able to use the Farmers’ Market at night. Council recently heard from a resident who voiced concern about skateboarders using the area to play. Sharon Livingston told council she felt some of the skateboarders were displaying “bullying” behaviour and frightened… Read more »

“We just want somewhere to ride”

Nicky Beatty and Chris Burdett will go just about anywhere to find a BMX bike park to try, but the Wyoming teens would rather stay at home. The pair, who travel to Sarnia, Watford and as far away as Toronto to bike, was among the crowd of 18 teens and pre-teens – and a handful… Read more »

Wyoming to Reece’s Corners trail taking shape

The Wyoming to Reece’s Corners Trail is not quite done yet, but their throwing a party to celebrate. A community group has been raising funds for a couple of years to build a trail for walking and cycling from the village to Reece’s Corners. Recently, Plympton-Wyoming Council gave the go-ahead to construct the $233,000 trail… Read more »

Senior football returns to LCCVI

LCCVI will field both a senior and junior football team in the 2013 season. Last year, the Petrolia high school could only field a junior team because there were simply not enough seniors to form a team. But Rick Tremblay, coach of the junior Lancers, says this year the seniors will field an eight-man team… Read more »