Plympton-Wyoming says no thanks to former school

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The old South Plympton School won’t become a municipal building.
In June 2019, the Confederation Line building closed as the students moved to the newly renovated Plympton Wyoming School in the village limits.
Under provincial law, when a school board has a vacant school, it must first offer it to neighbouring governments, including municipalities.
If there is interest, an appraisal would be done and then the government would have to bid competitively for the building.
Recently, Plympton-Wyoming council discussed whether the town should purchase the now vacant school. The idea was first discussed in private as a property matter and later in an open session of council but was rejected both times.
Mayor Lonny Napper says some members of council thought the building would be a good community centre noting people have to travel to Sarnia for sports such as wrestling.
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