Cannabis production planned in Warwick

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A cannabis producer is hoping to set up shop in Warwick’s Industrial Park in Watford.
Brigitte Tuekam, who has a background in biology, has worked in the marijuana industry for the past five years. The Mississauga woman decided to set up her own micro cultivation facility and set out to find a spot to host the warehouse building.
She eventually found Warwick in late December. “I took about six months to look for the right place,” she says. Tuekam says municipalities must first be willing to host a cannabis facility – which Warwick was.
Tuekam worked with the township, buying property in the industrial park.
“Warwick is very business friendly,” says Tuekam. “They’re open to hearing me out; the know it is a good thing because even with the micro cultivation, I will be hiring about 10 people.”

The municipality is hosting a public meeting July 29 to amend the zoning bylaw for the property on Jariott Street. Township Administration Amanda Gubbels says the current bylaw doesn’t spell out a cannabis operation as an appropriate use for the industrial land. because cannabis is a new industry, the definition doesn’t include it as a permitted use.

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One Response to “Cannabis production planned in Warwick”

  1. Harry Van Lieshout

    I live in Watford ,I do want new business but it already smells real bad with the dump, ,and that human waste pile on the other side of the 402. What about the cannabis smell. Harry PS How much taxes will we get from it.