Lambton business could benefit from green economy says Schreiner

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Ontario’s Green Party leader says Lambton could be a big economic winner in the green economy.
But Mike Schreiner says that will only happen if Premier Doug Ford gets on board.
Schreiner was in Lambton Monday, stopping to visit Alton Farm Estate Winery in Plympton-Wyoming, as he tours the province talking about how improving the environment could improve the economy.
Schreiner points to business in the Chemical Valley using corn to create new plastics as innovators who could power the economy in Ontario. “biobased plastics particularly will play an important role,” he says. Schreiner notes electric cars need to be lighter and biobased plastics are key.
Yet the Green leader is frustrated the premier isn’t seizing the green opportunities. “The fact the Ford government is really not embracing electric vehicles means Ontario is not going to be leading in an industry that has spinoffs for industry in Sarnia… given our history of being a leader in the auto industry we should be leading that revolution not losing jobs to it.”
The leader also touted improving rules for on farm production. Schreiner says producers, like Alton Farms, have a lot of hurdles and that’s impeding their business and tourism. “In Quebec, they’ve paired agri tourism and cycling and turned it into a $350 million a year industry.”