New $1.3 million fire truck headed to Petrolia in 2020

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They didn’t have to shop for long.
Earlier this month, Petrolia/North Enniskillen Fire Chief Jay Arns went to Petrolia council asking permission to look at buying a demonstration truck to replace the 25 year-old ladder truck.
On July 16, Enniskillen Township, which provides 40 per cent of the funding for the department, approved the purchase of the 2019 Pierce 110 ft. Aerial Platform truck which is a demo vehicle, at a cost of $1. million.
Petrolia Council approved its portion of the expense – $782,000 – at a special meeting of council Wednesday.
The department set up a committee in 2018 to begin searching for the best options. Arns says there has been some issues with the truck for at least six years including sings of cracking on the ladder. It’s 25 years old – the recommended life span for a fire vehicle.

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