D2 Entertainment takes over VPP marketing after manager fired

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Victoria Playhouse Petrolia has contracted out marketing services after the marketing manager was dismissed.

Wendy Cornelius was released from her duties in mid August. Manny Baron, Petrolia’s CAO, says the town does not address personnel matters publically.  But believes the VPP will have a “more aggressive” approach to marketing.

For now, the company owned by Artistic Directors David Hogan and David Rogers, D2Entertainment, has been contracted to provide marketing services for the VPP. Aside from salaries, VPP spends about $126,000 each year on marketing items including local and regional advertising, brochures, playbills and posters for each of the performances.

“Marketing is really multi facetted and layered and finding the right individual with the right skill set might be difficult,” says Poore. He says VPP will likely call on a number of individuals with skills in certain areas instead of relying on just one person.

“This gives us the opportunity to very flexible on how we approach marketing,” says Poore. “We want to be as diverse and as flexible as possible.”

Poore says that while cost cutting was not the reason for the change, the move may save the VPP some money.

 – Heather Wright