Wyoming to Reece’s Corners trail taking shape


The Wyoming to Reece’s Corners Trail is not quite done yet, but their throwing a party to celebrate.

A community group has been raising funds for a couple of years to build a trail for walking and cycling from the village to Reece’s Corners. Recently, Plympton-Wyoming Council gave the go-ahead to construct the $233,000 trail as the committee continued to raise the remaining $80,000.

Committee member, Jennifer Turk, says construction was supposed to be complete by the end of September, but it doesn’t appear that will happen.

Turk says construction took more time because the town decided to install a waterline to a home on Oil Heritage Road. “When they had to dig out the trees to ensure there was a hard base for the trail, they decided to put it in,” says Turk adding the water line construction wasn’t in the original plan. “So it will take a little longer.”

Sections of the trail are taking shape, with some of the hard surface already visible.

Meantime, Turk says the fundraising crew is working hard to raise the final donations for the trail. Committee members have been going door-to-door canvassing, gathering about $500 per street. And Turk says the trail committee received a large number of donations and raised awareness for the trail at the Plympton Wyoming Fall Fair.

But she says perhaps the best thing to remind people to donate to the trail project is the construction itself.

“I think that now that people see the trail being constructed they can see it becoming reality, so were getting more and more donations,” says Turk. “To me its just common sense you don’t want to give money until you see it being built.”

The committee is holding a Block Party Saturday at McKay Park to raise awareness and some funds for the trail. There will be vendors, food, entertainment and demonstrations from 11am to 4pm and promotional items for the trail will be available.