Church ladies boost VPP ticket sales


It seems everybody loves church ladies.

Petrolia’s director of performing arts says Victoria Playhouse Petrolia’s offering of The Church Basement Ladies to kick off the 2014 season is boosting ticket sales.

Richard Poore says the play about the little old ladies of the church and their pastor is drawing so much interest, another show has already been added. “The group sales are up quite a bit in particular for The Church Basement Ladies and Broadway Heroes,” says Poore. “We’ve already added a matinee for both of those two runs.”

“It’s pretty early in the game to be adding shows certainly from recent experience,” says Poore.

Ironically one of the groups driving sales for The Church Basement Lades may actually be church ladies.

“The Church Basement Ladies seems to be attracting church group audiences…it makes for a fun social thing for these groups to do.”

The popularity of the show and Broadway Heroes – David Rogers’ tribute to some of the greatest characters on Broadway – has driven up group sales.

“Our 2013 total number of groups confirmed was 58 and we’re already at 70 this year,” says Poore.

Over all ticket sales are also up and Poore is expecting a bump once the cold weather breaks.

“We still have a huge number of people who bought last year who haven’t renewed yet who will in April,” says Poore. “They’re snowbirds and long-time supporters and as soon as they get back, they buy seasons tickets.

“But we have a lot of new customers this year …and ticket sales are well ahead of last year as well; all in all, good indicators we are going to have a great season.”