Zantingh takes Plympton-Wyoming to OMB over refusal to allow housing development


Whether Plympton-Wyoming can turn down proposals for new building lots because it already has over 1,300 approved will be the subject of an Ontario Municipal Board Hearing.

BPS Industries – owned by Brad Zantingh – wants  build a new nine-lot subdivision on Egermont Road near Lakeshore Road. But Plympton-Wyoming Council has turned down the request.

Mayor Lonny Napper says the land lays outside of the municipality’s water and sewer zone meaning municipal services could not be extended to the area.

And Napper says the municipality already has a large amount of land designated for development.

A recent survey by the County of Lambton shows Plympton-Wyoming has over 1,350 lots available for development. “We have a lot of diversity and we know we have a supply of lots for the next couple of years,” says Napper defending the council’s decision.

“The province looks at it (the request) and if you already have land zoned for a 30 year supply or a 20 year supply and someone wants to come along and wants to rezone property, the province says ‘no, you have enough land designated for years.’”

Napper says the council did look at removing the designation for some of the plots, but that was a very difficult thing to do since landowners want to keep the potential lots even if they’re not ready to start building.

Zantingh has objected to the move and has appealed to the Ontario Municipal Board. A hearing on the issue Dec. 9 in Wyoming.