Remembering an Alvinston councillor



Members of Brooke-Alvinston Council paused to remember a former councillor who passed away recently.

Mary Louise Hayter, who was also the wife of the current Deputy Mayor Jim Hayter, died suddenly in her home March 2 of asthma related causes.

Hayter was well-known in the community. She worked as a nurse and then as educational assistant for children with medical needs at Brooke Central School.

Most recently, Hayter could be found at the front desk of the family business in Alvinston greeting customers with a smile.

Mayor Don McGugan, who counts the Hayters among his friends, says Mary Louise served as a councillor in the Village of Alvinston before Brooke and Alvinston amalgamated in 2001.

At the March 8 meeting, councillors, including Deputy Mayor Jim Hayter, were silent to honour her service to the community.