Coroner to probe Watford electrocution


The Independent Staff

A coroner will try to figure out exactly what happened when a London man was electrocuted while putting up a party tent near Watford four years ago.
Dr. Rick Mann, Regional Supervising Coroner for West Region announced an inquest will be held into the death of Jeremy Bowley. He was one of four people working for Signature Events Rental Shop who was electrocuted when a pole from the tent hit a power line.
Alvinston firefighters responded to the incident and veterans at the time said it was one of the most tragic and difficult calls they had ever attended even though they were able to revive one of the 17-year-old crew members with the help of paramedics.
The Ministry of Labour has already investigated the deaths and the company pled guilty to charges of failing to ensure the health and safety of the crew and not adequately informing, instructing or supervising its workers about the danger of overhead wires.
The ministry found the summer students had not been trained by the company.
Signature Events was fined $100,000.
Even though there has been an investigation, charges and a fine, a coroner’s inquest is mandatory in a workplace death.
The hope is a jury will find out exactly what happened and find ways to prevent a similar tragedy in the future.
The inquest is set for Nov. 20 in London.