Dawn-Euphemia wheelie bins coming in October


Dawn-Euphemia residents should be getting their new “wheelie bins” in October.
Council approved a plan to use ‘wheelie bins’ in both the former Dawn and Euphemia townships despite concerns from some residents. Dawn residents take their trash to the dump and recycling to a depot. While Euphemia residents had pickup at the road. Bluewater Recycling Association is phasing out the old style of garbage trucks and using a new automated system with large bins on wheels. Residents will be able to get a small garbage bin for just over $100 and everyone gets a free recycling bin.
Homeowners can buy larger garbage bins if they wish. The waste and recycling will be picked up every two weeks.
BRA is designing the pickup routes now and begins delivering the bins on Oct. 16. Euphemia residents will have their first pickup on  Nov. 3, Dawn residents will have theirs on Nov. 10.