Feds give plan to fix Old Walnut road OK


A fix for a rural road in Brooke-Alvinston which is sliding into a creek is a little closer.
Randy Hills, public works manager for the municipality, says the federal Department of Fisheries has given the okay to a plan which would firm up the river bank at the foot of Old Walnut Road near Lasalle. For the past two years, the township has been constantly repairing the road and at one time relocating it because the ground was being washed away.
Hills says engineers have come up with a plan to use large stones, stumps and trees to create a barrier at the natural foot of the bank. The hope is as material slides into the creek, it will be caught in the stone and trees and start to form a new bank.
Hills isn’t sure how much the work will cost yet and says there is still a lot of planning to do. He expects it will be next spring before construction can begin on the bank.