Souch wants taxpayers to have the information they need from Petrolia Town Hall


Marty Souch says he decided to run for Petrolia Council after watching councillors handling the issues with former CAO Manny Baron.
The 53 year-old owner of a transportation company became worried about the lack of openness about the issue and decided he had something to contribute.
Do you have any political and community experience?
Souch has been a member of the Community Services Committee and is a member of the Optimists.
Why are you running for council?
“I decided to run for council because some of the practices we see in the town, it got me interested. With the Manny Baron deal, I wanted to get involved.”
What qualities do you bring that you think will make a difference?
“Being in business for 20 years, I have somewhat of a business background. Over the years my business has gotten bigger each and every day and I want to bring accountablity and transparency to council. In the past few years I’ve tried to bring accountability, that’s what I want to bring – I want to bring openness.”
How can that be done?
“Everybody needs to be approachable. Everybody needs to be able to talk to everybody – to the people – to the taxpayers we represent. We need to have the openness. If somebody wants to know something, they should be entitled to get it. There has been a lot of speculation that there have been things hidden. It should be hidden. It should be granted to the taxpayers – it’s our dollars.”
What is the biggest issue in the election in Petrolia?
“Getting the trust of our people back. We have lost over the last four years, I think, the trust of our taxpayers and we need to gain the trust and we need to get transparency back. We have to get back working together as a team.”
Does that mean councillors all agree all the time?
“I can’t remember the last time there has been a good debate in the council chambers. ..a good debate between council members isn’t a bad thing…everybody needs to voice their opinion as to what taxpayers need.”
Do you think Petrolia Council should revisit the decision to close the compost depot?
“Absolutely…money could be better spent setting up and doing it and providing a service for the town.”
If you are elected, would you vote to have the Fleming report on the actions of the former CAO released?
Yes. Absolutely. The town said there is nothing in it that is of any concern. But be cautious…that nobody get in trouble…release it to the fullest without getting a legal battle. I think everybody should know.”
Do you favour moving town hall out of Victoria Hall as suggested to council by a consultant?
“I don’t know where our financial picture is, but if we see money falling off trees we can certainly address it.”