CANADA VOTES: Li takes another run for the Greens in Lambton-Kent-Middlesex


Anthony Li believes his generation is afraid of politics, so he bucked the trend and decided to run in the federal election, at the age of 20.
“What really drew me in is how important it is on a global stage, there is so much at stake. A lot is going wrong and there is not a lot of appetite to even get involved with politics right now.”
Li grew up in Ottawa and attended Western University. He is now studying in the medical field in Kingston and decided he wanted to run for the Lambton-Kent-Middlesex riding as a representative for the Green Party. Li ran for the Ontario Green Party in the provincial election in 2015.
Li says a sustainable environment and a strong health care system are the most important issues leading up to the Oct. 21 vote. “If my children and their children want to have a future, we have to act now. I am passionate and this election will be very scary. It’s very important, we need to make sure that the right thing for Canada gets done.”
Li says Canada has to be innovative to help solve the climate emergency.
“Canada can become a global leader and by being a world leader in green practices, we would be able to restore our place on a global stage.”
Li’s campaign in 2015 gave him the chance to talk to many farmers and agriculturists in the area. He believes many traditional conservatives are apprehensive about switching their ways to benefit the climate.
“When you have done things the same for a while and it’s worked, it’s scary to think of other options.”
However he believes that agriculturists are realizing a green economy is important for their industry, noting the environment impacts crop yields. Li points out farmers see the importance of protecting natural waters, and question how to keep more nutrients in the soil so crops can continue to produce.
“Their mindset really has changed in this election, which is really great.”
Li says public opinion on climate change is turning and he wants to be part of the solution. He credits Green Leader Elizabeth May for part of that. May is an icon for Li.
“She stands for what she believes in, she won’t change her mind, and she stays true. That is one thing we fail to see in other leaders.”
Although the Green Party may not win this election, the goal is to hold the other party’s accountable. Li’s personal goal, is to engage with voters.“For me , if I’m able to get more people engaged at the end of the day, I made them feel like they have a voice.”