Feds put more cash on the table to help support new public health measures


The federal government has unveiled new ‘targeted’ measures to help businesses who may be facing shutdown again.

The federal government has revamped the commercial rent subsidy program, 65 per cent for some business and up to 90 per cent for those affected by a second shutdown.

It is also offering another business loan to those in need and increasing the wage benefit subsidy to 65 percent for businesses who are going to be affected by another shutdown because of the second wave of COVID-19.

Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland unveiled the new measures during a news conference Friday as Canada’s Chief Medical Officer Theresa Tam announced there had been the highest one day increase in active cases since the pandemic began.

Freeland says the new measures are “targeted support to get us through the pandemic” and “give public health officials the tools to make the right decision”when considering more shutdowns to stop the rapidly increasing number of cases.

The feds have also added another $100 million to the emergency food security fund which has already put six million meals on the table for two million Canadians.

Ontario today reported 939 new cases – although in Lambton there is currently with no active COVID-19 cases.

Ontario officials are set to announce new, targeted measures this hour.