Major renovations at Petrolia Library in April


Petrolia’s public library is getting a facelift, but it means patrons will have to go somewhere else for their book fix for five weeks.

Darlene Coke, manager of library services in Lambton, says the county and the Town of Petrolia will be renovating the children’s library, improving accessibility and making it easier to move around the library for both patrons and staff. There will be new shelving, flooring, paint, upgraded access to technology and a new Early Literacy Station in the children’s library. There will also be a new accessible service desk when the current desk is relocated.

The town will take time during the five week closure to refinish the hardwood floors throughout the library and repair exterior doors and the electrical system.

The repairs are being made possible through a bequest of Otto and Kathleen Morrow Shuldt which was made two years go. Kathleen grew up in Petrolia and was heavily involved in the community.

The renovations are expected to cost up to $100,000.