Water rates in Enniskillen, Oil Springs and Dawn-Euphemia going up 5.4 per cent


Oil City users also see increase in flat rate

Blake Ellis/Local Journalism Initiative

Sewer and water rates are increasing in Enniskillen Township

Residents in Oil City will be paying $2 more a month on their flat rate and an increase in the cost for the water they use, as Enniskillen Township Council approved the increase at its meeting on Nov. 21.

This is the first time the flat rate has been increased since 2019 and will put the monthly cost at $31.50

Enniskillen Township Clerk Duncan McTavish suggested the rate be increased by $1, but Councillor Wally Van Dun felt it was appropriate to increase it by $1.50 or $2 instead. Deputy Mayor Judy Krall agreed with a $2 a month increase.
Van Dun suggested the rate be increased a little bit at a time each year from now on, given the maintenance the township has to do on the sewer system. This flat rate generates $36,816 a year and by the end of 2022, there will be a reserve of $80,196.

The money helps pay for a number of items including improvements to the driveway of the facility.

There is currently a review of the cost and method of removing sledge from the lagoon. McTavish said the reserve sitting at $80,000 would address the normal maintenance of the sewage system.

Enniskillen Township’s water rates will also be increasing as the agreement the township has with the Town of Petrolia permits a rate increase based on the consumer price index. The water rate would increase by 6.9 percent, based on the consumer price index for August 2022.

Petrolia has agreed to reduce 2023 rate increase by 1.5 percent due to Enniskillen’s participation in recent capital grant application. This would reduce the hike to 5.4 percent. The price the township would purchase water from Petrolia will rise from $1.54 a cubic metre to $1.62.

The increase also affects the municipalities which purchase Petrolia water from Enniskillen.

Enniskillen informed the Village of Oil Springs and the Township of Dawn-Euphemia, their water rates would rise by the same amount.

The new rates will take affect on Jan. 1.

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