Roundabout planned for Forest and London Line


A Lambton County intersection which has been the site of a number of fatal accidents in the last three years may soon have a roundabout to deal with traffic.

Matt Deline, the manager of public works for Lambton County, told local politicians Wednesday the roundabout is the best solution for the intersection at Forest Line and London Line on the border of Warwick Township and Plympton-Wyoming.

Deline says there have been “numerous collisions” at the intersection. Often the cause is one driver fails to yield at the stop signs on Forest Line. “There have also been several fatalities in the last three years.”

Deline says the county plans to improve London Line to the village of Warwick and the intersection would be part of the work. “It provides the opportunity to enhance the safety and improve the infrastructure.”

Deline looked at a number of options including a two way stop, a four-way stop and traffic signals however the least expensive option to rebuild the intersection was the roundabout at a cost of about $2.6 million.

Deline says the county would use 2023 to acquire the land needed and to deal with the utilities. The work, should county council approve it during budget deliberations would likely take place in 2024.