Lambton Christian farmers group hears ‘there is no climate emergency’

Thomas Bailey of Creation Ministries International in Reeces Corners.

Blake Ellis/Local Journalism Initiative

“There is no climate emergency,” said Thomas Bailey of the Creation Ministries International told Lambton members of the Christian Farmers Federation of Ontario.

Bailey was  guest speaker at its Lambton District summer gathering, in Reeces Corners Saturday  where more than 50 people – including Lambton-Kent-Middlesex MP Lianne Rood – gathered to hear Bailey speak on Christians and Climate Change.

Bailey says there is water and air pollution and it is something which people need to look after. But he encouraged people to stop fear mongering about climate change.

“We have young people who are scared for their futures,” Bailey said.
Bailey said there are no clear trends and those who are talking about climate change are just manipulating data.

Climate scientists around the world say the extreme weather we witness, including conditions which set up the wildfires burning throughout Canada and massive flooding seen recently in Nova Scotia, are linked to the changing climate caused by the use of carbon fuels.

Bailey says there are no clear trends in an increase in forest fires and flooding, where environmental scientists say climate change is to blame, he told the crowd.

He continued there have been a number of failed climate conditions which have failed over the years, contends Bailey. Pointing to one in the 1970s, which said the climate would be cooling.

Former United States Vice President Al Gore also said in 2008 that the world would be ice free in 2013. Of course, that didn’t come true, said Bailey.

“Why the panic?” said Bailey. “The data doesn’t stack up.”

Bailey promotes the Biblical view of creation saying the earth is  not millions of years old like many scientists say.

Bailey says before the global flood, or as the Bible describes it, Noah’s flood, there was 10 to 15 times more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere because of the greater amount of vegetation, said Bailey. There was a rebirth of vegetation after the flood, but it never reached pre-flood levels, he said, believing there was an ice age a few hundred years after the flood.

“The world has been relatively stable since the flood, which is God’s plan,” said Bailey.

He criticized those who believe the world population needs to be reduced by 10 percent. This is not a solution said Bailey, saying the same people who believe in the reduction of the population also believe in euthanasia and abortion

“We know ever since the Garden of Eden, that man likes to be in control,” said Bailey adding God is in control of the climate.

Before Bailey spoke, CFFO President Ed Scharringa addressed the membership.
“There is never a dull moment,” he said of his work with CFFO. The organization is dead set against the carbon tax and is pushing back against the tariff on fertilizer imported from Russia in the wake of the invasion of Ukraine.  

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