Roads closed, word of homes flooded after up to 150 mm of rain in East Lambton

Highway 402 between Nauvoo Road and Kerwood Road, around 7:20 pm Aug. 23

A number of roads are still closed after heavy rainfall in East Lambton Wednesday.

Official numbers were not yet available but The Weather Network is reporting some parts of southwestern Ontario had up to 150 mm of rain Wednesday. Residents of Watford reported up to four inches of rain by 4:30 pm in the afternoon.

The deluge was enough to flood Highway 402 between Kerwood and Nauvoo Road. There were several reports of accidents after drivers hit heavy water and lost control of their vehicles. The road was closed around 7 pm and was open for travel around 7am.

The OPP reported late in the evening the Middlesex detachment was dealing with multiple crashes due to flooding. OPP say one man died as a result of injuries from one of the accidents.

Lambton OPP also closed a number of local roads in the Watford region.

Around 11 pm, the township’s emergency response team issued a news alert on social media saying six roads in the community had been closed including;

  • Zion Line from London Line to Nauvoo Road
  • Zion Line from Nauvoo Road to Sexton
  • Egremont Road from London Line to Forest Road
  • Confederation Line from Nauvoo Road to Forest Road
  • McGregor Street from Nauvoo Road to Gold Street in Watford
  • Victoria Street from McGregor Street to Nauvoo Road in Watford

Officials added they were aware of people who had experienced flooding in their homes and asked that if they needed to leave they contact family members or call 9-1-1. An emergency shelter had not been set up.

As of 7 am this morning, officials say the following roads are STILL closed.

  • Sexton Road between Zion Line and Egremont Rd
  • Bethel Road from Egremont Road to Birman Line
  • Warwick Village Road accessing the Warwick Conservation Area south London Line
  • Zion Line between Nauvoo Rd and London Line
  • Warwick Village Road between Birnam Line and Hickory Creek

Warwick Township Mayor Todd Case said in a news release; “We are fortunate no one has been reported injured as a result of last night’s flooding.
“Unfortunately, numerous Warwick Township residents are dealing with basement flooding and the Warwick Conservation Area continues to be closed.”

Glencoe was also hard hit with video on social media showing vehicles driving down Main Street pushing water as they went. The agricultural society opened the fair grounds for anyone who needed shelter after the rain.