Warwick councillors don’t want to start a flag flap


Warwick Township council doesn’t appear to want to wade into the flag wars which have plagued other municipalities.

In Norwich and Chatham-Kent, there have been heated discussions about flying flags on municipal buildings in support of causes such as PRIDE.

Sept. 11, Chief Administrative Officer Amanda Gubbels brought a new policy for flag use on municipal property to council, suggesting a procedure be set up for groups who wanted their flags raised on municipal property.

But the councillors present at the meeting did not like the idea.

“It’s caused a lot of problems in  other communities. Are we going to be picking sides in what we put up?…

“I just assume leave it as it is. We have three government planes flying from ELCC (East Lambton Community Complex) I think you see it stay that way,” said Councillor Wayne Morris. Both Councilllors Joe Manning and John Couwenberg agreed.

Mayor Todd Case suggested council may not want to automatically say no to “some very worthy causes” such as the Every Child Matters movement.

Gubbels will take the councillors suggestions and make them part of the policy which will come back to council for discussion.