Petrolia’s mayor back from medical leave

Petrolia Mayor Brad Loosley is back from eight months of medical leave. He was at Lambton County Council Wednesday.

Petrolia Mayor Brad Loosley is back on the job today.

Loosley, who was re-elected last October, has been on medical leave since April. The mayor had heart bypass surgery.

When his leave was announced, the Councillor Joel Field stepped up to fill the duties as acting mayor.

“I definitely enjoyed it,” Field told The Independent during one of his last official duties as acting mayor – the beginning of the Royal Canadian Legion’s Poppy Campaign. “It wasn’t the way I wanted to step in as first opportunity as a mayor, but it’s definitely given me the knowledge and some experience to understand if it’s the next step. I definitely enjoyed the opportunity but I’m happy that Mayor Loosley is back healthy again.”

Field says the job was a lot busier than the councillor position. “I had more calls because they wanted to speak to the mayor.”

While Field was serving as acting mayor, council voted to reinstate the position of deputy mayor and appoint Field to the position when the mayor returned. It was a position Field should have held when he was first elected in 2011 as the top vote getter. The new position will be appointed by council at the recommendation of the mayor.

“I’m definitely excited about the new role as deputy mayor and I plan to continue serving the community the best I can and step up whenever needed.”