St. Clair turns down Port Lambton semis project


Heather Wright/The Independent

St. Clair Deputy Mayor Steve Miller says the township will likely face a hearing at the Ontario Land Tribunal after turning down a Port Lambton development.

Murray Troup wants to build WaterWalk Residential Subdivision with semi detached homes on the St. Clair Parkway and Indian Road near the Chenal Ecarte on just over five acres of land. Most of the surrounding homes are single family. Recently, neighbours presented a petition with 255 names opposing the development saying it doesn’t fit in the neighbourhood with larger lots and homes which sell for about $800,000. Troup responded the semis would be priced at that level and would allow people to downsize but stay in the neighbourhood.

April 8, councillors agreed this wasn’t the right fit for the piece of property. Councillor Brad Langstaff said the density of the project was too high and some of it was too close to the Environmental Hazard zone.

Council agreed.

But Miller expects one day the property will be developed, since it is zoned residential. And he expects the developer will take the issue to the Ontario Land Tribunal.

“When it goes to the tribunal, which I’m sure it will, I hope that it will at least award us the opportunity to try and negotiate fewer houses.”