Holding the seat for Havlik


Whenever she’s ready to come back, her seat will be waiting.

Petrolia Town Council has decided to “hold the chair” for Councilor Helen Havlik.

The councilor has not attended a council meeting since Aug. 14 after having a stroke.  Mayor John McCharles says Havlik is now at home and doing much better. Councilors Tim Brown and Mary-Pat Gleeson have visited the councilor who is in her 80s and say her progress is “amazing.”

Havlik and her family have yet to make a decision about her return and Petrolia council wants to make sure she has the time she needs to make the right decision. Minutes from the Sept. 16 in-camera meeting show council has authorized a paid absences for Havlik “for personal reasons.” Council also authorized Havlik would “continue to receive her salary until the end of 2013.”

“We want to giver her all the opportunity she needs to come back,” says Mayor John McCharles.

During Havlik’s absence, Councilor Tim Brown will be the town’s representative on the St. Clair Region Conservation Authority.