Cold weather may halt Princess St. construction in Petrolia


An early onset of frost may make it impossible to pave a section of Princess Street still under construction.

Work crews have been pressing hard to complete the $1.3 million rebuild of the street and half of the road has now been repaved from Nelson to just past Dufferin. But Joe Adams, director of operations for Petrolia, says when the cold weather set in, work crews began having problems.

“This weekend it turned very cold,” Adams told council. The new watermain has been installed and is being tested, but Adams says further work will be dependent on the weather.

“We may have to bring the road up to a gravel surface and leave it for the winter, if the weather doesn’t change.”

If the weather does warm up, Adams says the work will continue.

“At some point we have to make a decision because it become cost prohibitive in the cold.”

Adams hasn’t lost hope to complete the road to the first layer of pavement saying he has seen many construction projects completed in mid-December.