Petrolia woman shocked and pleased by friends’ help


Trish Core found out you can learn all kinds of things on Facebook, including how good your friends really are.

There, the Petrolia woman stumbled upon a fundraiser that her friends at Street’s Eatery planned for her Nov. 25 after she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Core found out in September she had a tumor in her breast. She says it was a “huge shock” and it was difficult to tell her pre-teen children. “I had to be very, very honest with them because they could just go to check the Internet,” she says

“The biggest thing for them was the unknown.”

It was not as hard to talk to her boss and friend Randy Clarke at Streets. “It was easy to tell them because they are like family. They said ‘we’re here to support you, whatever it takes.’”

Core took some time off from her job as a waitress to deal with her health issue. Six weeks ago she had surgery to remove the lump and at press time was waiting to hear if she would need chemotherapy.

Secretly, the staff at Streets was planning a roast beef dinner fundraiser – selling it out to all of Core’s regulars and friends.

While she was recovering, Core was on the Internet when she discovered their secret. “I came upon it on Facebook – surprise! I called up my friends and said ‘What are you guys up too?’” They confessed everything.

“I was taken aback. I didn’t expect that.”

The dinner sold out and extra tickets had to be sold when some of Core’s family from Sarnia arrived.

Core says she is very thankful for the thoughfulness of her friends. “I have to thank Streets, and all the community and all my customers – Thank you; it was truly helpful.”