Twas the night before, the night before Chirstmas


Dr. Gail Tanner of the Petrolia Lion’s Club got a extra squeeze from Santa Claus as she accepted the award for the best overall float in the Petrolia Santa Claus parade recently. Santa made an appearance at the town council meeting to present the awards. 


On the night before his busiest night of the year, Santa Claus a few minutes out to visit Petrolia Monday.

He came to town council’s regular meeting of the year and spread his cheer to all the councillors, with hugs and handshakes.

Santa Claus also handed out awards to the top finishers in the town’s annual Chili Cookoff and Santa Claus Parade.

Five teams competed for the coveted “Chili Pot” trophy. The Lambton Central Petrolia Optimist Club came out on topwith the Town of Petrolia Staff taking home the “Silver Fork Award”.

Ten awards were handed out at the parade including the best overall float by the Petrolia Lions. Other winners were, The Lambton Central Petrolia Optimists Club, New Life Assembly, Watford & East Lambton Relay for Life, Forest Agricultural Services, The Centre, Waddick Fuels, First Petrolia Scouts, Petrolia Guiding and Petrolia Figure Skating Club.