Small businesses will need safety training


In just a few months, any one with more than one employee will have to provide basic health and safety training.

The Ministry of Labour says the new training under the Occupational Health and Safety Act will require both a worker and a supervisor will have to go through the awareness training.

Wayne Morris is a health and safety consultant with TGS in Sarnia. “Very few business people are aware of this; they may have seen a little ad if they’ve seen it at all,” he says.  “This effects all employers – farmers, hairdressers, small rural business owners – they all need it.”

Morris, who wants to make sure workers, particularly on farms, remain safe says the training can be done online or through a private consultant in person.

Lambton Mutual is hosting a training session in April 24 at its Watford office which is open to all businesses. You must pre-register for the event.


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